Lenk Krispijn (Richter WT)

Lenk Krispijn, vielen Dank für deine Zusage beim Flattreffen-WT zu richten!!!!

My name is Lenk Krispijn and together with my husband Ton and our three Flatcoated Retriever bitches Jorja, Flynn and Phoenix we live in a wonderful nature reservation called the Veluwe in Holland.

With the arrival of my first Flatcoated Retriever Flow, the love for this wonderful breed has started. Flow, my ‚grand lady‘ with her fantastic character, has made an incredible impression on me. My kennel name „Flow of Spirits“ is dedicated to her. The literal translation of this name is „Source of Joy of Life“ and that perfectly reflects what my Flatcoats mean to me.

When Flow was six months old, there was a place available at the gundog training and in addition to my passion for the Flatcoat, another passion was added. I love working with my Flats. Not only on hunts but also in training. I was lucky to be quite succesfull with all my black girls.

In addition to working with my own dogs, I also think it is fantastic to inspire other dog owners to work with their dogs. This started when my best friend Willy Walbeek asked me as a trainer at her dog school. Beside training we give workshops in Holland but also abroad. I also completed the study for gundog retriever judge. I want to be a positive judge. A judge who also looks at the good qualities of a combination and gives tips and tricks to encourage the combination to continue and enjoy this wonderful sport with our dogs!

Lenk Krispijn

Lenk Krispijn

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Veröffentlicht in 2020 Aktuelles, 2020 Richter.