Eirin Stenbro (Show)


My name is Eirin Stenbro, I was born in July, 1979. As long as I remember myself, my family has had dogs. First we had a Norwegian elkhound and a German Shepherd. We got our first retriever in 1980, it was a Labrador. First Flat Coated Retriever came into our lives in 1984 and stayed.
I began to show dogs early, I’ve been in the ring since I was 8.
When I was 13, I made my first show champion. I think every year I take part in about 30 shows.
Show grounds have mostly been my area, but last year I have also tried field work. After a special bet with a field judge that thought I only had dogs that could be used in a show ring, I got some really good results in the field and on working tests.

The Rudskog kennel name first appeared in 1985, I received it from my parents in 2000. I have mostly bred Flatcoated Retrievers, but also had a litter of Golden Retrievers and some of Jack Russell Terriers.
The most important things in breeding for me are health, temperament and the breeder standard.
Some kennel names that have influenced our breeding are: Fjellbjørns, Bunyan, Agrebo and Almanza.
At the moment we have 14 dogs at home: 9 Flatcoats, 1 Curly Coated Retriever, 1 Bracco Italiano and 3 Jack Russell Terriers. Their age varies from 10 years down to 12 weeks.
Dogs give us so much happiness and joy, that’s a big hobby that takes almost every free moment of mine and my husband’s lives.

My biggest moment in the show ring was at Crufts in 2013 where a dog of my own breeding won the yearling class. Running first on that special green carpet was amazing!
My special dog Jensen, CH Rudskog’s Best Wish is a bit more spoiled then the rest of our dogs.

My judging education began in 2012. In 2014 I passed the exam on Flatcoated Retrievers. It’s so much more fun to stand in the ring and touch all the nice dogs than to sit outside and just look. So far I have judged in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. There are so many nice dogs around. I hope that soon I’ll find time to study judging all the rest of retriever breeds too.

I am really looking forward to judging in Germany and seeing all your beautiful flatcoats in September 2017.

Veröffentlicht in Richtervorstellung 2017.