Jennifer und Gordon Hay (Work)

Gordon and I both judge Field Trials and Working Tests, both being on the B panel.  I am also a Championship Show judge for Golden Retrievers.   We both shoot and can be seen on most Saturdays during the season either picking up, shooting, judging or trialling.

2016 was a wonderful season for us, Gordon qualifying for the I.G.L. Retriever Championship with our young boy Soinneanta Gorse of Holywear.  He had a brilliant season, winning a novice, COM at a 2 day and then winning a 2 day field trial.  Hard work will be this season hopefully obtaining runs in a.v. stakes to see if we can make him up.

Although it was a wonderful 2016, this year did not start off well when we had to say farewell to our beloved Bramble, Birdsgreen Amazing Agatha of Holywear who would have been 14 in March.  Never have I been so heart broken. Luckily she is the grandmother of our young boy and lives on with her progeny at home and over here in Germany. She leaves a big hole in our canine family which now leaves us with 4 namely Holywear Damson, 10 years young, Gaytonwood Berberis of Holywear, coming up 4 and Holywear Whispering Tree, nearly 7 and not forgetting our Gorse. 

We have judged many times now in Germany and look forward to meeting new and old friends over the duration of our stay.  Good luck and thank you for giving us the opportunity to judge your lovely dogs.

Jennifer Hay (Holywear Golden Retrievers)

Veröffentlicht in Richtervorstellung 2017.